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Technical Sales & Service Engineer

  • Industry: Engineering & Technical

  • Location:Dubai

Job Title: Technical Sales & Service Engineer. Reporting To: Area Manager Location: Dubai The job position is strictly classified as field position with both – Service hands-on and Aftermarket sales activities. The position holder cares for the installation; maintenance and troubleshooting of the high pressure pump equipments used for waterjet cutting. After an intensive and efficient technical training at our headquarter in Germany the ideal candidate will be focused on sales of spare parts and other service related products (incl. service packages) in the aftermarket whilst continuing with real service jobs. The service hands-on part will be mainly mechanic/hydraulic tasks. Basic knowledge of electrics/electronics will be needed. The position holder installs the systems at customer’s site according to the order details and is also responsible to provide training of the user after establishing the system. He sells actively spare parts and coordinates autonomous his aftermarket sales activities. He takes charge of the 24-hrs phone hotline for his area also. He must bring along the willingness to travel 80-95% of his working time and will be travelling regionally but internationally as well. Regionally means GCC region, incl. KSA. Fair duties belong to his tasks as well. Description of the ideal candidate He has an „all-round education “for instance as mechatronician” He has good knowledge in the area of mechanics/hydraulics. Basics in the area of electricity are needed. He is skillful in crafts and able to maintain all mechanical works on the systems reliable and on his own. He should be extrovert, in short people’s person with pleasant personality.